MADM is proud to be a Disability Committed Employer

This was awarded to show that as a charity we are committed to ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive, further offering interviews to disabled people who meet minimum criteria. We endeavour to provide reasonable adjustments as required and compassionately continue to support existing employees who have long term conditions. 

Kent Police Initial Learning and

Development Placement Programme



MADM is also part of the Independent Police Advisory Group (IPAG) -  The IPAG consists of a group of people from the community. The County Chair and Vice Chair regularly meet with the District Chairs, other volunteers, senior police officers and other agencies to help improve the services provided to communities in Kent.  The meetings allow Kent Police to receive feedback form agencies to help shape and improve services.

In the past, MADM has been proud to be part of the Kent Police Initial Learning and Development Placement Programme.  The programme saw student Police officers spending 2 days within MADM as part of there training to become an Officer.  It gave the recruits a chance to see the great work that we do and a chance to be a part of a reality that they cannot learn within a class setting.


Chibozu Community Trust

MADM has worked with and blesses the Chibozu community trust with a number of different items. 

We have donated clothes, toys, bedding, curtains, books, blankets, wheel chairs and various other items to help the project in Zambia.  The charity was setup by Milden H Choongo- Founder in 2007.

His concern was how to counter the poverty, lack of education and health facilitates for the community of Simooya and it's surroundings. 


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The following message was received by Mr. M.H Choongo:

"The Wheel chair was delivered to a 26 year old girl in Ndola who has not walked for years.  Thank you Prayerfully for your Intervention in someone's life.  Please carry on the wonderful gestures and passion you have for people in need. Bless you".

Milden H Choongo.

The Purple Community Fund


MADM is privileged to support the Purple Community Fund.  Currently we are collecting "Ring Pulls" to enable them to run holistic programmes for the whole family in livelihood, education, health and nutrition in the Philippines and Tanzania. We want our beneficiaries to earn a sustainable living to support their families.

We enable parents to perfect new skills through a variety of programmes for both men and women whilst supporting their children in education.


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