Meet The Team




MADM was founded by Amanda Sidwell in 2015.

Amanda was commissioned back to Maidstone by God after establishing a charity in Spain to help people in need. Amanda started MADM to support the homeless, those in addiction, socially isolated, disadvantaged and in crisis in the Maidstone area. The scope has now increased to support clients from diverse backgrounds including asylum seekers, abuse, mental health and many more. Amanda has a huge God given vision on her heart and is excited to reach out and continue to see Gods light shine in Maidstone

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Shop Manager 


Barbara is Amanda's mother and has been active in charity work for over 30 years.

She has been with MADM from the beginning, actively supporting Amanda at every stage. She currently works as the shop manager alongside Troy



Strategies Manager

Paul Started working at MADM in November 2019 after working for the Local Authority for many years.  

His real passion is to let everyone know they are worth so much and that they too can be Free. 

Paul loves to share how his life has been changed and wants others to experience the same changes in their lives also.


Kingdom Builder

Ashley is one of the supervisors with the charity. Ashley was an alcoholic and is now 5 years clean. Starting in September 2020 as a volunteer. Ashley is a kind person always willing to go the extra mile.

He has interests in writing, cooking and computer gaming. After joining MADM, he found his faith and began sharing his testimony and the change God has made in his life.


Julien joined MADM in October 2020 after 5 years working as a Teaching Assistant in a Special Needs primary school for autistic children. “I knew that God had a plan for me to do something else but I didn’t know what, until I was offered a role at MADM.  I love the heart of this charity, which is true charity or love, to give to those who have little or none in the physical or spiritual sense, in the name of Jesus. It is the daily opportunities to worship God with our minds, our spirit, and our hands as we reach out to help others. I am so grateful that I get a chance to serve Him here in Maidstone, a place I have lived in since 2000. This is where I lived when I decided to follow Jesus with my whole heart in 2000, and a place I joined with others to pray for regularly many years ago. Now I feel like I am actually fulfilling those prayers.”



Shop Supervisor