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6yr old boy donates toys/games for children

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

This is 6yr old Bradley Hay from Maidstone! What a handsome young man, not only does he have an Angelic face but a beautiful heart❤️ For Bradley decided he wanted to give presents - toys/games for Children to enjoy, from the age of 1-8 years who have nothing or very little. He has wrapped each one & written ages/gender on them to help us distribute.

We at MADM Outreach assure Bradley that we shall find Children to Bless & if we have to we’ll collaborate with our various Community Partners to reach the appropriate Children to Make The Difference🎁💝

A huge heartfelt Thank You to Bradley’s Grandmother, dropping off the presents & forwarding this gorgeous photo. You & Bradley’s parents must be beaming with pride 😊

Bradley 🤩 may this be the start of deep burning humanity within you that shines through & always Makes A Difference. You are a bright shining star 🌟✨⭐️💫 & have set an example from your heart ❤️

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