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What a privilege & honour for MADM to be personally selected & invited as one of the local Charities working for their Community throughout the Pandemic. We were listed alongside many well known Charities in the Programme, feeling very Proud. 7 of us from MADM attended - LtoR: Ben, Ashley, Troy, Safia, Jill (who was singing in one of the Choirs), Jemma .. Front: Judith & Amanda (me) & we absolutely loved every minute. A superb night of entertainment was produced by 5xChoirs; singing well chosen themed songs, Rochester Symphony Orchestra, 3 Dance Groups performed an array of dance styles; such diverse talent, & the Beautiful ‘Music Man Project’ (in yellow) entertained us in song, played musical instruments & Mime, who put a tearin my eye as well as Troysitting next to me. The youngest of Dancers also had us smiling with tears, so adorable.

Ken Scott, Chair of ‘Maidstone Area Arts Partnership - MAAP’ & Partners full gratitude to you all for organising a splendid night - we at MADM loved it & truly appreciate the sentiment xx ...

Thank you also to Maidstone Borough Council who through the European Regional Development Fund, Welcome Back Fund supported the Concert held at Mote Hall, Mote Park Leisure Centre tonight.

It was so GoOD to see some of our Partners in the Audience, along with long lost friend Cheri Ohara ‘Tovil Helping Hands’ who we worked very closely with during the very 1st Lockdown - so pleased you were also recognised xx <><

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