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MADM continues to be blown away by such Community Spirit of Giving & has so Many Many MORE to Thank

Here is One further Gratitude....

When we took on 28. High St (old Argos) the Shop was a shell (bare brick... see photo) & we thought how can we afford to ‘Kit Out’ such a huge space .. but as is MADM’s way we continued to Trust GOD, fully knowing HE does & always will supply ALL our needs.

We made a phone call to Fremlin Walk Management & ohhhhhh my we were shown at least 5 Shops ...There were tears of Joy, never ever ever could we afford such ‘High End Retail Fittings’ So over the weeks MADM painstakingly with limited staff/volunteers stripped endless wall panelling from ‘DWSports’ along with Rails, Shelving, Accessories, Racking, Mannequins, Gondolas/Display Units, Counter (now wrapped in MADM blue/logo) & many other Blessings from various closed shops & safely delivered them to No.28.

Now you fully see these Community BLESSINGS & the GLORY of GOD that adorn our Shop .. Thanks to our Shop Manager, Troy who superbly Merchandised the Shop & is still tweaking to perfect the amazing space we’ve achieved - he continues to work endless hours; often long after closed, for the satisfaction of Making A Difference xx

A HUGE HUGE HUGE heartfelt & sincere Thank YOU - in fact words can not convey our true gratitude for the Difference ‘Fremlin Walk’ CBRE Management have Made to us at MADM: Centre Manager, Lloyd Wright plus Jaine, Matt & numerous Security Staff who regularly gave access.

Thank you ‘Fremlin Walk’ for truly getting us at MADM & understanding our HeartBeat for Maidstone - You Have Truly Made A Difference xx I know we did you a favour in removing ‘So Many Items’ but as in Matthew 25v40 “you did the giving generously as unto those in Need”

This is True Unity In The Community

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