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Last Thursday 11am with the help of The Mayor of Maidstone Fay Gooch & her Consort Peter Gooch, we officially opened our new Charity Shop, 28 High St. Fay, as she likes to be called was a sheer Joy, her easy manner, bubbly personality & ability to engage with so many, even singing (solo) Happy Birthday to Troy, Shop Manager was such a delight to behold. She truly is a firm shining representative for the town of Maidstone xx Thank you Fay & Peter for being with us, representing Maidstone entwining with MADM Helping those in Need ....

We had around 60 Guests; Supporters, Funders, Partners, Churches & Charities too many to personally mention plus Staff & Volunteers. Wow such a buzz in the Shop & Warehouse as everyone mingled & chatted. New relationships were formed throughout & MADM truly thanks everyone who attended to make it a memorable event.

Well done MADM for achieving this day, over the last 3 months it has been a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual challenging journey, we still have a way to achieve all we want to at 28. But we are closer than we were yesterday !

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