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Reaching out to those with a golden heart

Today was yet another beautiful day at office, the weather was not a scorcher, but it was muggy enough for all of us to bring in some fresh air. At MADM no two moments are alike, especially with the kind of diverse clientele we handle in our office. This time the fresh air came in the form of this lovely client, who has been living in the streets with his two life companions (2 lovely dogs). When team MADM sat down with him, we were touched for the love and care he had for his pets all along his journey. Every day he survives out of the support rendered by the various charities supporting the homeless in Maidstone. He not only has to feed himself, but he narrated how important he felt it was to always feed these 2 lovely friends, Peach and Silly (names changed). If you are a frequent visitor into Maidstone town, you might get this rare opportunity of this energetic young man, bicycling his way with a lovely caravan holding 2 dogs. Such lucky dogs 😊

We at MADM feel specially blessed to reach out to these individuals, who make the world so much a better place to live and cherish. It is the spirit of a few golden hearts, that give us the motivation to keep fighting for the cause of eradicating homelessness and build a new world of hope and betterment.

This time this fresh air, gave us new insight and we are waiting for fresh encounters for us to learn and serve our clientele better in the years to come.

Team MADM blessing our special guest Silly in the caravan

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