Vote at Tesco for MADM until 30th June 22

We’re in the customer vote for a Tesco Community Grant which means you can vote for us with each purchase at Tesco. It’s a scheme which gives community projects like us grants of up to £1,500!!

VOTING IS OPEN and will continue until 30th June 2022 so please support us next time you shop at Tesco!

Participating Stores: Grove Green superstore ME14 5TQ Tonbridge Rd Express ME16 8TE Tovil superstore ME15 6RQ London Rd Express ME16 0DJ Bearsted Express ME14 4NE Oakwood Park Express ME16 9NZ Coxheath Express ME16 9NZ Week St Express ME14 1RL Loose Road ME15 7TY

Thanks for your vote!

#communitygrants Groundwork

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